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We can provide a range of legal services to solicitors, property owners, etc. associated with mapping requirements and expert advice.


As of 1st June 2011, registration of title in the Land Registry is compulsory. As result, all sellers of unregistered land will be required to have a Land Registry Map of the property which is compliant with Property Registration Authority mapping requirements. We can prepare Land Registry Maps which involves a survey of the land followed by the preparation of a Land Registry compliant map in which the boundaries of the property are identified and outlined.



We provide a range of legal mapping services in addition to Land Registry Maps, including ‘MUD’ Maps - mapping required by the Multi-User Developments (MUD) Act for the transfer of common areas to management companies and specific mapping requirements relating to issues of boundaries, rights-of-way, site area calculations, etc.



David Jordan has over 25 years of experience acting as an expert-witness in litigation cases on matters associated with building design, construction, defects, etc. and to related accident and injury claims, etc. Services include the preparation of expert reports and expert witness testimonies.

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Projects featured have been carried out by David Jordan Architects or by David Jordan, acting in a principle role, with his former practice Campbell Conroy Hickey Partnership